Before You Buy

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All Medical Alert Systems Are Not The Same

Before You Choose A Service Provider, Consider:

What is the total fee they charge for their service?
Our plans start as low as $27.95 a month for Standard analog systems, $32.95 for Fall Detection and $41.95 for Cellular systems.

Do they offer both analog and digital systems?
Medical alert systems are analog devices.  It is not recommended they be paired with VOIP (digital) service.  We offer both analog systems for regular phone service, and cellular systems for users who have digital service (or no phone at all).

Do they have a money back guarantee?
We do…30 days, no questions asked!

May you discontinue service at any time?
We have no long term contract.  You may terminate service at any time, for any reason.

Are there any programming or setup fees?
Our plans include the cost of preparing systems for use.  There are no hidden fees.

Is there an additional charge for a second user in the home?
No, we extend service to a second person at no additional cost.  However, an additional transmitter will be needed.

What is their response time?
From the time of activation, the average response time for our operators to answer is 45 seconds.

What is the range of their system?
The transmitter included with our HelpLine® Medical Alert Systems has a range of over 400 feet (depending on environmental conditions)

Does their equipment have battery backup?
Our systems have battery backup rated for over 40 hours for analog systems and 12 hours for our cellular systems.

Do they offer any rewards or discounts?
Our subscribers earn a free month of service, as a thank you, for each person they refer who signs up with us.

Are their systems UL certified?
Our systems are all UL certified per UL Standard 1637.

Is their monitoring center UL certified?
Our central station was established in 1992.  It has received UL certification for architectural and physical features, emergency power, computer hardware and software, as well as operator training.

What type of training do their operators receive?
The training our operators receive is both UL and Security Industry Association (SIA) certified.

Do they offer free customer support?
We never charge for customer support.  Call anytime on our toll free number.

What happens if the equipment fails?
We replace failed equipment at no charge (except in cases of loss or abuse).