Reduce The Risk Of Falls

Addressing The Risks Of Falls

Recognizing The Leading Causes Of Falls (And Reducing Or Eliminating Them) Is Essential If Maine Seniors Are To Remain Safe, In Their Own Homes, For Long As Possible.Fallen Man

Consider the following areas to assess and implement an immediate plan to correct any unsafe conditions you identify.  Review/inspect the following:

  Ensure all rooms are well lit

-install night lights

-add lighting where needed…use high watt bulbs

-replace all burned-out bulbs

-install light switches near the entrance of every room

•  Floors

-remove all clutter on floors…keep them clear & unobstructed

-remove throw rugs

-re-position extension/electrical/telephone cords out of pathways

 •  Furniture

-establish clear pathways in every room

-replace couches & chairs that are too low…making it difficult to stand up

•  Stairs

-confirm they are well lighted & clear of clutter

-install light switches at both top and bottom of stairways

-install handrails in all stairways (on both sides)

-ensure handrails are long enough

-secure/replace loose/broken treds

-consider replacing carpeting with non-slip treds

•  Kitchen

-re-locate frequently used items to lower shelves or cabinets

-keep things at waist level, within easy reach

-only use a stool with a grab bar

•  Bathroom

-place non-slip floor mats next to tub

-use non-slip adhesive strips on tub floor

-install grab bars inside tub enclosure & next to toilet

-install taller (ADA compliant) toilet

•  Bedroom

-make certain a lamp is next to bed

-locate a telephone within easy reach

•  Clothing & Footwear

-arrange clothing in closet within easy reach

-wear properly fitted footwear

-consider non-slip soles

•  Health/Physician

-speak with physician to identify unique risks due to present health

-mention any history of falls

-review current prescriptions, dosages and frequencies

-confirm prescriptions are accurately labeled & easy to read

-ask about advisability/benefits of exercise

-stay active

-schedule an annual vision test

-if prescribed, make certain walker/cane is always used

-install a medical alert system for summoning emergency help if needed